Hiring Social Media Influencers

 (x 2 part-time positions)

Work remotely, anytime and anywhere in the world.

What is Social Media Influencer?

Social media influencer is a person who has influence and power in social media who brands can collaborate with to achieve their marketing objectives.

Why am I hiring social media influencers?

I am seeing a need to expand just like any other business, to reach a larger audience worldwide. For me to achieve this of course I would need those who are experts in the field. I am a full time trader and at the same time I help many people around the world become traders too. I have many responsibilities that’s why I see a need to delegate responsibilities and create opportunities for others to earn an income by doing what they love.

About me

I am Kevin Williams, a full-time Forex trader by profession with over 6 years trading experience in Forex and stock market. I help others become better traders through my trading courses and trading signals. I run several trading pages and platforms where I share my trading expertise to help everyone succeed at trading. One of the platforms where I am actively engaging with my audience is Tradingview.com, a platform where millions of traders share ideas and interact with one another. If you are curious to see my work, then click the link below to check out my page.



Why work part-time for Forexintelligence?

  • Work at any time, in the day or at night and still hold your current job.

  • Work anywhere in the world as long as you have a smartphone and internet connection

  • Earn a minimum of US$ 600 per month and up to US$ 1000 doing what you love.

  • Receive rewards and bonuses for works well done

  • Have free access to Forexintelligence courses and other trainings

This job is for you:

  • If you are honest and can fulfill duties without supervision

  • If you are fluent in English speaking and writing

  • If you have at least 3000 real followers or more on either Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or TikTok. (One of these)

  • If you can be able to promote my services (courses and forex signals or my platforms) to your audience at least 2 times a week.

  • If you love motivating others succeed in life

  • If you have a proper working smartphone and have access to the internet at all time

If you believe you are the right person that I am looking for to fill this position, please do the following:

Record a clear video of yourself

Pretend as if you are talking to your audience and in the video mention some of these:

You started working part-time at Forexintelligence and…….

Why you love this job?

What exactly is Forexintelligence and what the company offers?

Give a brief explanation of what Forex Trading is.

This video should be 3 minutes or less.

Send this video via email to


and use the form below this page to send in your application. Please use the same email you are sending the video from in the application field.

Expect to receive an email from me within 30 days if you are shortlisted. If not, then you are not shortlisted for this position. 

All the best and BIG-LOVE

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