Are you ready to learn a simplified approach to making money consistently from Forex? Would you like to learn how to get funded up to $400,000 by the biggest trading firm in the world? Let me whisper it in your ear... YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

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I am Kevin Williams, I am a full-time Forex trader with over 6 years trading experience. When I say experience I mean, I have experienced everything Forex offers. I have seen the worst in my early years of entering the Forex industry. In my first 3 years, I have lost a lot of money and struggled to make consistent returns from trading. Not only did I struggle with my own incompetency, but I also struggled with right information and mentors that would guide me and give me correct information about trading. Most of the so-called teachers and mentors I met where really not competent, or at least they didn't offer me what I was looking for. They taught me things I already knew and the search for correct information went on at least for about 3 years, blowing accounts and wasting thousands of dollars to mentors and signal providers. Until I met a man, I would call my last Forex mentor from Canada who helped me unlock the codes, I learnt the fundamental truth about trading, I discovered the reasons why I lost a lot of money and why many mentors fail at teaching their students the right information. What I learnt really helped me to be who I am today. If it wasn't for this man I would probably still be wondering if Forex Trading really works, if people really make money from trading, maybe worse I could have given up on trading and stuck in a 9-5 job that I hated. 

The biggest thing I have learnt is to simplify my approach and only trade with the goal of making money. For the past 3 years I can honestly say I have gained experience and mastered a pro trader's mindset. Many people have noticed this especially those that follow my work on Tradingview. 

I have helped over 100 students become better traders and to view trading as a serious business. Many of these have become full-time traders as well. My students are from different walks of life and come from different parts of the world. 

My goal is simple: 'To help each one that believes in me succeed at trading and make it a sustainable business.'

If you really want to embark on a journey to learn from me, I can promise you that I am ready, eager and willing to guide you through all the trading processes. 

What makes me happy is to see other people succeeding. It will add to my happiness to see you succeeding.


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The course is well presented and very Efficient. Definitely been learning a lot from it.

Adeel, United Kingdom