Are you tired of loosing money in Forex?

Have you given up in search for a strategy that can bring great results and minimize losses? 

What if I tell you that there's a system, an EA that can work best and bring great results to your trading account?

Working with the EA since 2019 in any market I can guarantee you that this EA is a tool worth having on your computer.


First, allow me to explain what an expert advisor (EA) is. In simple terms it is a software designed to help a trader when to make trades, in other words when to buy and sell an asset, pair or financial instrument. It is a mathematical algorithm software programmed from different trading indicators, its work is to filter out trading signals and this signals are given by means of alerts to a trader so a trader can take the signals even if a trader has little knowledge of forex price action or technical analysis skills.

Once the software is downloaded, it can then be installed on computer MT4 and give out trading signals by means of alerts on anything its attached to, from crypTo, currencies pairs, metals and even indexes like Nas100 or US30.

Please study the image below to have an idea how the EA triggers buy and sell signals.

Screenshot (620).png
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High Win Rate Expert Advisor

First 35 copies $99.99

Next price $299.99


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The two clouds


Act as support and resistance and these clouds follow the market. When the market goes up it reaches the red cloud, in this cloud sellers will be looking for selling opportunities. When a sell signal is triggered, the EA will give an alert, a red arrow will pop up. For it to be a valid sell signal a red arrow must be accompanied by a yellow dot.

On the other hand, when the market reaches the blue cloud buyers begins to look for buying opportunity. To get that precise entry, the EA must give a buy alert together with a blue arrow and the blue arrow must be accompanied by a green dot.

Fxintel EA1.jpg

What you will get after you purchase the software

  • 12 software that make up the system

  • A guide how to install the system to the MT4

  • For everyone that purchase the system will be given 2 hours zoom training how to use the system which will include money management.