Let fear not control the way you trade

Why do you trade?

To have a luxury life. right?

Who hates to live on the beach?

Who hates to have $10 million dollar laying around in the bank account?

Who hates to travel the world, live in different parts of the earth for a while?

Who hates that?


Not me!

See, we all started Forex for a reason. It might be that you had no other plans after high school or after graduating university, it can be that jobs are scarce. It can be that you lost a job. It can be that you are ill and your health condition is limiting you to do certain work. It can be that you work but your job is not giving you the salary that you need right now. It can be that your boss at work is harsh and you are trading part time to escape that harsh environment.

We all have reasons. Reasons to trade. Maybe you heard Forex is such a luxury business and you thought of taking a leap.

If I am to ask you to think of any quality, just one that is attached to all these reasons in the preceding paragraphs. What quality might you think of?

Take a moment..................

Have anything in mind?





YES, fear.

-Fear of tomorrow

-Fear of unknown

-Fear of failure

-Just fear in you about anything that doesn't exist

We tend to fear so much about the future.

We fear of the monster that doesn't exit.

Remember when we were young? Our mothers would scare us, if you cry out so loud I will call that Monster.

A monster that didn't exist is what our mothers will scare us with to mute us.

See, we all have fear by nature! It is a quality and it is there, it is there sometimes to protect us from danger.

But at times fear can be our biggest enemy.

If we let fear cloud our judgmental instinct we would become prey to life demons. People take suicide because of the fear of tomorrow. Fear of the monster that doesn't really exist.

Control your fear. If you have debts and that is the reason you are trading to pay it off ASAP before they call lawyers on you, hey, put that in it's place.

If your fear is attached to these it can cause problems not only to trading accounts but your whole psychological being will be affected:

How will I pay my rent in the next 6 months? How will my children survive the next six months? My girlfriend/wife will leave me soon if I don't provide money. My mom's ill and I need to help her.

Honestly, all these is devastating and of course one would want to use his/her 'Fight or Flight' instinct to act upon the situation at hand.

'Fight or Flight' instinct.


We use it at the wrong time most of the time.

I will tell you about GALAPAGOS Islands. If you ever went there, I am sure you have experienced something that you have never seen before.

You would walk and come across a Marine Iguana and you would be freaking scared, but not it. It would stand right there and look at you.

You would be stunned to come across a Sally Lightfoot- a colorful crab. Though it's habitat stretches along most of the Pacific Coast of the Americas, the Sally Lightfoot population in the Galapagos Islands exhibit unusual behavior. They are often observed in symbiosis with the islands' marine iguanas, cleaning ticks from the lizards's skin.

These animals have no fear, fear of humans or fear of other animals. They all live in harmony.

A biologist said, “it’s not that the instinct failed to make an imprint in these animals, it’s just that many of them haven’t had a need to invoke it in the way an African gazelle would, or even people who live in cities and who have a fear of crime. They lived here for hundreds of thousands of years before man ever arrived, in a paradise of animals, so to speak, where they all could exist in relative harmony and where, for the most part, one animal wasn’t another’s dinner.”

What is really the point of all this?

Let's go back to business. Forex.

Hundred thousands are flocking to Forex trading these days and as a trader myself, for a number of years I am thrilled to see this and even happy. Forex has become my hobby, it has become my main source of income, it has become everything to me. It has become part of my life. I sleep on it, I wake up on it. I watch candlesticks everyday and few nights I slept.

To me it is joy to share my knowledge, my findings and skills with others. If you are here because you want to become better at this-don't be scared!

You can become better.

If you are here because you want to make Forex your main source of income, don't be afraid of anything. You can make it be.

First, you should understand that trading is a business and it is a big investment. Don't bring your money here and gamble it.

Wake up every morning ready to work and the aim? To make money. Control your emotion, control your fear less you increase the lot sizes to your account.

It is very hard to control fear, but think of what causes your fear, write it down and do whatever it takes to control it and put it in its